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Popular Colors of Tuxedo Shirts for Men

You'll face many decisions — not all of which are easy — when shopping for tuxedo shirts for men. In addition to making considerations based on fabric, style, size, and price, a man must also figure out what color of shirt to wear. Sometimes it's easy and he'll have either general or strict rules about which colors to embrace and which ones to avoid. Other times, however, the dressing field is a little more open and a guy might find himself with more options than he'd normally care to peruse.

Worry not though, gentlemen. One of the more fortunate elements of men's formal fashion is its maintained adherence to classic sensibilities and traditional styling. So if you do find yourself at a loss, know that there are a few colors of tuxedo shirts for men that have long stood as popular, almost fail-proof choices for a man to wear with his tuxedo. They are as follows.

The most common of the bunch, white shirts are well-adored for their simpleness, cleanliness, and versatility. There are few colors that won't work well with white tuxedo shirts and many that will bring the boldness of contrast to a look. Overall, white is a fairly safe choice, a common choice, and in some dress codes it's your only choice.

Ivory, like white, is great for versatility and contrast. Unlike white though, it brings a warmer look that pops best against similarly warm tones like browns, greens, rusts, and reds. Of course that's not to say that the color won't shine paired with blacks, blues, or whatever other colors you're looking to wear. In the end, ivory is a very viable alternative to white that brings a sophisticated, almost aged aesthetic to a formal ensemble.

The last member of the top three, black works as a bold color that will darken a look. And yeah, you might have guessed it, it's also a versatile color. Don't shy away from pairing it with a black tuxedo or black tuxedo accessories as more men today are embracing the depths of black as they delve into the more individual elements of men's formal fashion.

There are other colors you'll see fairly often. Among them are red, slate blue, and gray. The above three colors are popular for their neutrality, which does win them favor in almost every formal style circle out there.


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