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Black Tuxedos and Formal Wear

Why black is Still the Favorite Color in Men's Tuxedo

At any formal occasion; nothing makes you look better than traditional black men’s tuxedos and black formal wear. The black classic men’s tuxedos are evergreen as well as very comfortable to wear. Not only this, the black men’s tuxedos and formal wear also make a stimulating style statement. Different styles and fashion have come up in all kinds of formal wear as well as men’s tuxedos, yet the black men’s tuxedos continue to be the everlasting symbol of sophistication, grace and elegance.

The black men’s tuxedos are classic and timeless. They are the ‘real’ formal wear in its true sense. A number of famous brands such as Ralph Lauren, Bloomingdales and many more offer mesmerizing ranges of classic black men’s tuxedos and formal wear in single as well as double breasted styles. No matter whether you have to attend or formal wedding or an official dinner meeting, the truth is that every man needs to have classic black men’s tuxedos in his wardrobe.

During the 1970s, the men’s tuxedos and formal wear were available in many different colors. The most popular color during that time was baby blue. There was nothing much traditional in the men’s tuxedos except for the bow tie. During that period, the men’s formal wear and men’s tuxedos used to comprise of accessories such as ruffle shirts, velvet lapels and big ties. With 1980s began the Regan area which brought back black men’s tuxedos and formal wear into the forefront. At that time, the black men’s tuxedos were worn with wing collar formal wear shirts and colored cummerbunds. The 1980s also witnessed the prologue of many renowned designer labels to the men’s tuxedos industry. These brands of men’s tuxedos included Pierre Cardin, Christian Dior and Bill Blass.

Ever since the 1980s the black men’s tuxedos and formal wear continues to rule the market. Black men’s tuxedos are the most popular formal wear attire for the men of all stature, as they are suitable for all occasions. The formal wear vests were introduced in the 1990s which replace the cummerbund in the men’s tuxedos ensemble. After the millennium change, this belief was re-emphasizes that black is the most predominant color for men’s tuxedos. The style of the men’s formal wear keeps on changing but the basic black color continues to rule.

Black men’s tuxedos and formal wear can be worn with vests of different colors. The popular shades of the formal wear vests include light grey, silver platinum, dark grey and many others.

Black colored formal wear are the biggest buy in the market as most of the formal events these days are black tie events, which requires a man to dress up in black tuxedos or other formal wear such as black dinner jackets. Black formal wear attire is worn to all kinds of events such as weddings, prom nights, official events, opera and the like.

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